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CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC is an FHA Approved Lending Institution and is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government. All loans subject to underwriting approval. Certain restrictions apply. Call for details. *Certificate of Eligibility required.

Realtor Seminars

As one of the top loan officers in the country Jeff has been able to grow his businesses through various marketing techniques and other methods. Jeff is now sharing these techniques through monthly “lunch and learn” classes to real estate agents with one goal in mind - helping them grow their businesses. 

Here's what some of the realtors have been saying about Jeff’s classes...

"I enjoyed seeing how the team concept works - Liked hearing about the separate roles each memeber does."
- Linda F, Coldwell Banker

" It was very informative. Lots of common sense ideas that I know will work well for any realtor."
- Paul C, Paul Conti Real Estate

"Excellent, very informative presentation full of great techniques which I will try! Very motivating!"
- Jennifer D, Century 21

"I thought today's program was informative and would help an agent build a solid foundation for marketing."
- Kim P, RE/MAX Leading Edge

"Thank you so much for putting on the marketing presentation - I definitely saw a few ideas I will try to implement. I will be getting in touch about your other presentations because I am eager to learn from you and really like your approach."
- Valerie C, J. Mulkerin Realty

"I thought it was a great presentation. I definetly will be using these techniques."
- Geri F, Farrelly Realty

" Informative! The presentation was easy to follow and the instructor was very patient which is a plus. Excellent class."
- Shawn S, RE/MAX Andrew Realty

"Excellent in all respects. Both presenters were fantastic."
- Cate F, Wilson Wolfe

"I am confident that a client would be handled properly without any problems for me."
-Mary Jane N, Century 21 North Shore

"This presentation was great. Jeff is very knowledgeable and thorough in his presentation on FHA loans".
- Jared F, RE/MAX Andrew Realty

"I learned quite a bit of new information for which I thought I already knew."
- Dorothy M, Century 21

"I am fairly new in the business so i found the info on Tools To Use very helpful."
- Dave M, Scott Gregory Group

"It was very helpful. I took 4 pages of notes and I will incorporate many ideas."
- Joe B, Joe Bean Real Estate

"As a new realtor, all information was important for me. Very impressed with Mr. Palermo's knowledge, energy, and integrity."
- Linda M, RE/MAX Andrew Realty

"Exellent. Very educational. Jeff is not only a first class loan officer but also a first class speaker at RE Seminars."
- Joel B, Century 21

"Very Informative, Great handouts."
- Rosemary M, RE/MAX Andrew Realty

"Always well explained. I have taken this workshop with Jeff before and I always walk away learning something and trying to implement it in my business practice."
- Lisa C, Armstrong Field

"I was highly impressed. I have heard some marketing info before but to witness a success, real life example who has executed on the events and adding value is a big asset to my sense of confidence about how I can succeed by servicing."
- Eleanora D, Keller Williams Realty

"As always,great infomative presentation. Leaving with lots of ideas and ways to grow my business."
- Hollie W, Real Living Schruender

"I have been in a Palermo class before and really enjoy his educational presentations. As a newer realtor I find Jeff as a person who I can see myself doing business with and more importantly - I feel confident about his staff."
- John C, Exit Premier

"Reactivating my R.E. license and currently fulfilling my CEU requirements, I hope all the C.E. classes are as well organized and informative as this was! Jeff is a very knowledgeable presenter!"
- Brenda C, RE/MAX

"Excellent class on FHA as well as general loan underwriting guidlines."
- Richard H, RE/MAX Andrew Realty

"Very informative, details were interesting on comparison programs! Great to learn new changes."
- Deb L, Coco & Early Associates

"Very informative and easy to understand, Jeff made what can be a dry topic engaging the entire time!"
- Rita P, RE/MAX

"Thought it was perfect - Jeff made FHA easy to understand."
- Maryellen D, Coco & Early

"Very interesting. Great information and updates."
- Carolyn P, J. Mulkerin Realty

"Excellent, easy to understand, organized."
- Janet R, Wakefield Co-Op Bank

"Great Class, as always!"
- Brenda C, Exit Premier

"The presentations great. I learned a lot of details on FHA. The pace was good and we finished on time."
- Kurt P, Coco & Early Associates

"Amazing information - very knowledgeable, loved it."
- Jean L, Lexington Courtyard

"Excellant! Learned more about FHA loans, compare & contrast competing loan products was very helpful! Answering class questions was helpful too."
- Ken A, Clients 1st RE Services

"The presentation was very imformative, especially about the FHA & Mass Housing loans. The information about Jeff's company will definetly help in the future."
- Alberto N, Coco & Early Associates

"Jeff is very knowledgable and goes into detail to make sure the information is understood. He takes the time to answer questions. Great info on current lending guidelines."
- Stephen M, Real Living Schrader Real Estate

"Great presentation! Always good to hear aboout FHA - also good to hear about anticipated future changes."
- Linda F, Coldwell Banker

"Very informative. Gives us ideas on what our clients are going through."
- Lisa Anne L, Coco & Early Associates

"Clearly presented, involved the class, welcomed questions. I am walking away with great ideas & incentive on implementing things I should be doing."
- Lisa C, Armstrong Field

"Very informative, very well organized. I would definitely recommend Jeff to all of my buyers abd hope to work with him soon."
- Chad C, Armstrong Field

"The class was very informative. I got a lot of info that I will incorporate into my business."
- Monica K, Coco & Early Associates

"Really liked how Jeff encouraged us to think in "team" stats. Loved all the ideas you gave to help us build our business."
- Nicole P, Coco & Early Associates

"Eye opener, very informative. Jeff love the presentation,looking forward to applying the tools."
- Deb F, Coco & Early Associates

"Wonderful experience, very helpful and look forward to the continuing education. Great job!"
- Bill R, Coco & Early Associates

“Excellent, very informative-Life Changing!"
- Joyce C, Coldwell Banker

"I would highly recommend Jeff’s coaching class for any realtor who wants to be successful and still have a life after work!!!"
- Joanna S, Showcase of Homes

"Jeff did an excellent presentation. He offered many great networking ideas which will help me out as a new realtor. I look forward to sending my buyers to him and working with his team in the future!"
- Amy M, Exit Premier

"It put a lot of ideas into solid words and in writing, which I think will help organize my efforts. As a new agent, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin."
- Michael H, Realty Executives

"I liked the presentation because it was more of a coaching class describing proven systems. Many presentations are based on social media and this was about using proven systems."
- Kelly D, James Marcora Realty

"Very informative "DOABLE" goals - would refer realtors and buyers."
- Marilyn E, Re/Max Partners

"Jeff did a wonderful job explaining different aspects of marketing, and goal making. Both very useful tools."
- Lori F, Dooley & Mason Realty

"Very informative and eye opening. A good reminder to keep up on some things and introduction to many future marketing techniques."
- Tiffany L, Exit Realty Beatrice

"Absolutely useful! There are at least 5 things that i can start doing right away after this presentation. Good ideas! and very useful detail."
- Ayse D, Coldwell Banker

"Very useful and relevant to my business; good reminder of what to be doing."
- Erin H, Coldwell Banker

"Excellent! I love the fact that Jeff is coming from a place of contribution. He offers so much that is so valuable, particularly to me as a new agent."
- Jennifer P, Keller Williams

"Great presentation, very intense in terms of areas covered and time frame alloted to it."
- Inna R, Coldwell Banker

"Professional presentation, i like that you speak quickly and cover many topics."
- Peggy P, Prudential Howe & Doherty

"Several good suggestions."
- Heather H, Remax

"Jeff's presentation was interesting & informative. He touched on some great topics for working with existing clients and leads to increase business."
- Pete W, Realty World Advantage

"Class was very well structure on points and appropriate to our needs as realtors when dealing with lenders."
- Tom P, Coldwell Banker

"I thought the presentation was detailed, informative and professional. It made me want to re-evaluate the way i run my business."
- Shawn S, Remax Andreaw Realty

"Very well organized information that would benefit both new and experienced agents. Jeff's use of scripts in his presentation is helpful because you are hearing a productive dialog."
- Gretchen P, Coldwell Banker

"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend the sales seminar last Wednesday. I found it to be very informative as well as inspirational. You made me realize how important it is to keep marketing ourselves through all different forms of media, social activities as well as charitable events. Now is the hard part, staying motivated. The techniques and goal setting tools you showed us will surely help us achieve that. Again, thank you."
- Stephen V, Coldwell Banker

"It was Great! Lots of information and things to think about."
- Judy M, Dooley & Mason Realty

"Very Informative, will be using Jared this month!"
- Lisa B, Remax

“Very informational in all aspects.”
- Dan O, Re/Max

"Great class! Lots of information, very helpful subject."
- Sory D, Remax Andrew Realty

"Very knowledgeable! Feel very good about Jeff being part of my team."
- Kerri A, Exit Realty

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time yesterday to host the seminar. I felt it was inspiring and I gained a lot of insight. I am working on getting my Master client list together and setting my goal.”
- Maria F, The Russell Realty Group

"Great presentation! Lots of new ideas and creative ideas which is exactly what I'm looking for to set apart myself from other agents."
- Crystal G, Exit Realty

"Great information, going to use a lot of this in my own presentation & marketing."
- Collette S, Century 21

“Wonderful, informative and motivational.”
- Evelyn D, Coldwell Banker

"Presentation was very informative and helpful. Liked the ideas on event planning."
- Carol B, Exit Realty

"It was excellent, very informative and motivating."
- Susan S, Jack Conway Realty

“Very Helpful ideas.”
- Tetayana I, Re/Max

“I would like to personally thank you for the suggestions you offered at today's presentation. It is through suggestions and feedback that I am able to improve my service to my clients. You confirmed some of my concerns and your suggestions are greatly appreciated. It was an eye opener for my team member Pedro, as I have been on him since 2005 about setting goals and the usage of systems. It prompted discussions during the ride back to the office and motivated him a bit. I'm glad we had the opportunity to attend. The other agents were great as well and the discussion was very informative.”
- Alfred C, Aegis Realty Group

"Very insightful! Great suggestions on how to successfully manage your business."
- Joe V, Century 21 Celli

“Very motivating.”
- Vicky K, Exit Premier Real Estate

"Awesome, very informative and engaging."
- Vanessa R, Forghany Law

"Informative, professional, great team approach. Being new to the RE industry it has given me insight on expectations."
- Bonnie L, Exit Realty

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say a hearty thank you for hosting what was a very informative and well presented seminar this morning.”
- Richard P, Metropolitan Real Estate

"Well presented and interesting especially free website sources and ease of follow up with presentation- Awesome!"
- Ruth Ann D, Keller Williams

“Excellent Presentation.”
- Margaret O, Coldwell Banker

"Very informative. Jeff is a motivator, going to use his ideas to grow my business."
- Sean D, John Doyle Insurance

"Wow!! Great information, a lot of unique ideas, easy to understand."
- Donna S, Exit Realty

"Gave incentive to want to expand business, and better ways to reach out to clients."
- John M, Minincleri Realty

"Great presentation, very informative. Walked away with great information."
- Kerry L, Century 21 Celli

“Very good, helpful reminders.”
- Bob F, ERA Key Realty

“Fun & informative presentation.”
- Olga L, Re/Max

"Great presentation & discussions for agents & marketing directors. Unique & innovative marketing ideas & branding techniques. Will encourage agents to create client surveys to gain testimonials."
- Jessica W, Century 21 Celli

“High energy, and good info.”
- Eileen B, Dalton & Finegold

“Very good information”
- Nuala B, Coldwell Banker

“Efficient – covered vast material in short amount of time.”
- Carolyn G, Keller Williams

“Good presentation – Jeff seems like a solid marketing guy and is geared to do lots of good business.”
- Anthony S, Re/Max

"Great techniques & information for me to develop a plan. Defiantly would want to meet with some of your staff."
- Adelia D, Century 21 Celli

“Excellent, would love to partner up with team for future business.”
- Lisa C, Lillian Montalto Signature Properties

“Great presentation with well informal information.”
- Donna S, Coldwell Banker

“Very good, lots of great information.”
- Sharon C, Re/Max

- Siham O, Century 21 Bond

“Excellent, very informative.”
- Brian B, Coldwell Banker

“Excellent ideas I need to implement now.”
- Sandra S, Showcase of Homes

“Very helpful, will take a lot away to work on.”
- Rose M, Showcase of Homes

“Excellent class, helped me have a clearer focus on generating more business.”
- Martin T, Coldwell Banker

“Informative & helpful.”
- Karen K, Mass Real-estate

“Very Informative.”
- Matt K, Credentials Real-estate

“Very informative, helpful and motivating.”
- Janice L, Century 21 North Shore

"Excellent source of information."
- Maria S, Coldwell Banker

"I got alot of ideas, it was very informative."
- Darlene M, Darlene Minincleri Realty

“It made me think about my priorities for this year.”
- Denise M, Windhill Realty

“Jeff is always informative and motivating.”
- John M, Renaissance Realtors

“Thank you for taking the time to share such valuable information the other day.”
- Mary C, Burns and Egan Realty Group

“Very Informational.”
- Carla D, Coldwell Banker

“I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the meeting today. I enjoyed all the informative information you had to share with us. I have realized I do need to set my goals and step up the pace. I am also going to work on the play book; I thought that was a great idea to stick out from the rest."
- Linda C, Metropolitan Real Estate

"Excellent! Very informative, gave practical uses for getting referrals, testimonials and marketing."
- Deb M, Coldwell Banker

"I really enjoyed your class and it helped motivate me!"
- Sonia J, Windhill Realty

“Good information, presented clearly.”
- Billy H, Renaissance Realtors

“Very Informative, well done and good flow.”
- Toni R, Windhill Realty

“Great Ideas, energetic, organized, actionable items.”
- Andrea L, Windhill Realty

“Extremely helpful, very informative.”
- Kathy D, Windhill Realty

“Valuable information, practical.”
- Jen M, Windhill Realty

“Relevant, timely, realistic yet challenging.”
- Katie F, Windhill Realty

“Very Informative & helpful. The wheels are turning.”
- Carol F, Exit Premier Real Estate

“Very informative.”
- Amy B, Renaissance Realtors

“Very Appreciative of your information and efforts.”
- Mark B, Exit Premier Real Estate

“Very good!”
- Janel J, Renaissance Realtors

“Very informative & lot to thank about.”
- Brenda C, Exit Premier Real Estate

“Very Informative class that shared a wealth of information in an easy going and well thought out presentation.”
- Sonia R, Exit Premier Real Estate

"Great presentation with a lot of good ideas for marketing."
- Dan R, Coldwell Banker

“Touched on a lot of areas I can improve my business.”
- Myles C, Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil

“Great class, & covered a lot of stuff.”
- Bill R, Exit Premier Real Estate

“Informative for someone new to real estate.”
- Alex C, Exit Premier Real Estate

“Informative, useful, stimulating.”
- Fran H, Exit Premier Real Estate

Extremely Informative & helpful.”
- Deena W

“Very Informative.”
- Peter O, Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil

“Excellent & Informative.”
- Jennifer D, Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil

“Very good.”
- Heather L, Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil

“Extremely informative.”
- Chris M, Renaissance Realtors

“Great, Informative.”
- Jack H, Renaissance Realtors

“Great class and information.”
- Wendy D, Century 21 Spindler & O'Neil

If you would like to attend an upcoming classes, please contact Jen at Jen@JeffPalermo.com or call 978.818.8323

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